Wine Cork Inlay...

As most of your know, I love to find new materials to use for Inlay.  The other day while looking through my supplies, I found some Bottle Stopper Cork.  My mind instantly started working up a way to use it for inlay.

I choose a piece of Claro Walnut Burl.  The dark color of the Walnut contrast well with this base color of the Cork.  After finishing, the Cork, has a stronger surface so that it does not scratch as easy.  It does make the ring very light.

After finishing this ring I thought how it would make a great gift for Wine Lovers.   I know that many wine connoisseurs collect the corks from their favorite wines.  If provided with one of these corks, I could turn it into a custom ring with great meaning for the wearer.

Claro Walnut with Wine Cork Inlay

If you have any ideas that you would like to see me turn into an Inlay, please let me know.

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