Spalted Persimmon Wedding Set

Just finished and photographed a new Custom Order Wedding Set.  I made this set by layering Spalted Persimmon between layers of Walnut.  The Spalting gives the Persimmon some very wild black streaks running through the grain. 

Spalted Persimmon with Walnut Edges
I love the look of this wood.  However it is very limited supply.  This Persimmon was taken from a tree removed at my Mom's house. 
I grew up playing on and around this tree.  When they decided to take it down, it was so rotted that we were only able to salvage a couple small chunks.  One of the chunks now sits on my wifes piano, in the form of a natural edge bowl.  The rest is in the size of pen blanks.

Spalted Persimmon Wedding Set
with Walnut Edges
For this ring set I started by cutting thin layers off of a pen blank, and glueing four pieces together to form a blank large enough to make a ring.  I then flattened both surfaces, and created the size I needed for the center of the ring.  I then laminated several layers of  Walnut on each side with alternating grain pattern for stability.

Once I had my blank created, it was just a matter of sizing the rings and finishing them off.  I am very pleased with the outcome, and look forward to using this technique more often.

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