Something Blue...Artfire Collection

Just wanted to send out a thank you to ASpecialDayDesigns, for including my Cherry Wood Wedding Set with Lapis Lazuli Inlay, in a new Collection.  The Collection is called "Something Blue...Artfire Wedding"

Going along with this collection is an upcoming event for all those who are getting married, or just thinking about your dream wedding.  If this describes you, or someone you know then please checkout the Artisan Wedding Fair on Artfire! Jan 17th thru Jan 31st.  There are over 60 shops that are ready and waiting to help you have the wedding of your dreams.

Before the big event in January, you can checkout the Artisan Wedding Fair Blog for Invaluable information to help you through your big day.  Please be sure to Follow the blog so that you can recieve the most up-to-date information for the Wedding Fair.


Merry Christmas to all...

Had a great Christmas with Family...  At this time of year we like to remember the reason for the season.  That Jesus Christ was born into this world.  However we must also remember the reason that He came, to die for our sins.


Mystery Wood Heading to Fiji...

Recently I was contacted by a couple wanting a Wedding Set.  They were planning on eloping to Fiji over Christmas.  They were wanting to go as non-traditional as possible, so they decided on a set of wooden rings.

After some discussion they agreed on a design that they liked.  I happened to have a couple pieces of mystery wood that I thought would contrast well, and come close to the design sent.

I started with a Dark Wood Base, and used a Lighter Contrasting Veneer. The grain was set running across the ring, instead of around the ring.  It makes it appear that there are many small pieces of wood placed around the ring.

Please feel free to comment below, and let me know what you think.


Padauk Ring and Necklace Set

One of my friends recently requested a matching set to include a Necklace and Ring. These were to be made out of Padauk Wood with Lapis Lazuli Inlay.

The color of the Padauk is just amazing, and it gives the Lapis a darker tint, that pops very well.  The pictures do not do this set justice.

Padauk Wood Ring with Lapis Lazuli Inlay

Padauk Wood Pendant with Lapis Lazuli Inlay


Time for a Collection...

One of my clocks was recently featured in a new Artfire.com Collection, curated by bluejane.  Please take a look at the other great artists featured in this Collection.


Turn back Time....

Today I am reaching back to some earlier turnings that I have done.  Several years ago, I decided to try and make a clock for my wife, while she was out of town.  I had receieved a piece of Walnut Root, that had some beautiful grain pattern.  As a contrasting wood for the number markers, I decided on Bethlehem Olive Wood (BOW).   BOW has an amazing Grain Pattern as well.  It also has a great significance since it is harvested from Olive trees just outside of Jerusalem.

Walnut Root Clock w/ Bethlehem Olive Wood Inlay

The clock I made at that time is approximatly 12" in diameter, and 1" thick.  This clock spurred my imagination, and I have since made other clocks.  They do take more time to make than my rings, but I hope to start working on more designs to build up a stock to sell.

More Examples after the break...


Artisan Wedding Fair: Planning A Wedding?

Artisan Wedding Fair: Planning A Wedding?:
"We can help!
The Artisans of Artfire are planning a two week + Wedding Fair....with everything from centerpieces to garters to comfortable clothing for your big day!
The Dates of the Fair are Jan 17th thru Jan 31st.
We are going to be spending the next few weeks getting our shops ready to give you lots of choices for your Wedding Day. "

For more information, and some great wedding tips, please checkout our Fair Blog at artisianweddingfair.blogspot.com


Materials - Katalox

Katalox Wood
Dark Wood
Color: Purple/Black color with a creamy/golden sapwood
Strength: Strong
Notes: Katalox, or Mexican Royal Ebony, is a dense Central American hardwood. It is listed in several USDA publications as a suitable substitute for African Gabon Ebony in stringed instruments. The dark purple/black color accents well with the creamy/golden sapwood to create contrast that can be well utilized for a unique look in your projects.


Katalox Wood w/ Mother of Pearl Inlay

Materials - Amber

Color: Dark Golden Honey to Creamy Orange
Hardness: 2-2.5 MOHS Scale. 
Notes: Amber is very soft and easy to work with.  It turns and finishes nicely.  However it is very translucent, and should be paired with a light color wood to show off the Amber Color.


Cherry Wood w/ Baltic Amber Inlay


A Mother of a Ring...

This ring I finished recently as a present for my MIL.  This is the first time I have used Katalox, and the finish is just wonderful.  It has the texture and finish of Ebony.  Paired with the Katalox, is Mother of Pearl Shell.  Together they make a great piece.

Katalox Wood Ring with Mother of Pearl Inlay


Walnut Wood with a Spalt...

I have been working on some Christmas Orders recently, 2 Walnut Pens with Satin Silver finish on the hardware.  I just happened to have a Spalted Walnut blank that would do 2 complete pens, or so I thought.

I started out preparing the blanks, and getting them ready to turn.  Everything was going great and then I got a catch with my skew.  The entire blank blew apart.  Now this is something that can happen regularly when turning pens.  The wood is so thin at times, and if there is a defect or crack in the blank it can explode.

Spalted Walnut Key chain w/ Chrome Hardware

No worries though.   Since my slimline pens are made from 2 separate blanks, and those blanks are the same size as a key chain blank. I was able to finish out the other side, and turn it into a key chain.

The spalting does not show up as well on this key chain, but it does still have a great color.


Artfire Launches Shop Local...

Ok,  I realize that I am about a month behind the times, but I just found out about this feature.   Artfire has added a new search criteria that will allow you to limit results to local items only.  This is a great way to support your local economy, find items that could arrive quicker since they do not have to travel as far.  Or save on shipping costs.

To use this, just do a normal search, and then change the results from Best Match to Best Local Match. You will have to put in your Zip Code so that it can calculate the distance.  You can then choose from within 50, 100, 200 miles, or Everywhere.

If you haven't seen Artfire.com please check it out.  Artfire is similar to Etsy, but does not charge the artists re-listing fees to keep their items high in the search ranking.


Cocobolo with Powdered Lapis Lazuli

It still amazes me how often this happens. I can have a specific Design idea, but the wood/ring wants to be something different.

This ring started out to be for a customer that wanted a dark wood with Amber Inlay. I got the ring sized, and was ready to start placing the stone. After placing the first couple pieces of stone, I realized that they looked clear. The Amber was so transparent, and the wood underneath was so dark, that you could not see any of the beautiful honey color. I stopped instantly and contacted the customer. We ended up deciding on going with Cherry for a base with the Amber.

So now what to do with this nice Cocobolo Base.


Amber for Amber...

Recently a customer contacted me to see about having a couple of rings made with Amber as an Inlay material.  I had not worked with Amber before, but after some research I found that Amber is very soft on the MOHS scale.  Making it very nice for inlay and finishing.

I tracked down some Baltic Amber and placed an order.  The Amber I received ranged in color from a Dark Honey Red to a creamy yellow.

Originally the customer wanted a dark wood to go with it.


1st Artfire Collection

This is my first Artfire Collection.  I have been getting a lot of requests for Wooden Wedding Rings lately.  So I decided to put together a collection of Wooden Wedding Items.  Please check out these great items from Artfire Sellers.


How to Show different content to Fans...

In this post I will show you how I created a tab on my Facebook page that will show different content to those people who are not fans.  I use this feature to run specials from time to time for Facebook Fans only.


Cool Pen Designs that....

Take a look at these Pen Designs.  I really want to give these a try soon.

If you know me, you will understand that I am obsessed with Pens.  That is the main reason I got into woodturning, I found out that I could make my own pens out of wood.  I am always on the lookout for new material and designs.  Yesterday I came across a site that sells Laser Cut Pen Blanks.  These blanks use colored or different types of wood to inlay a pattern, that once assembled and finished are just amazing.

My favorite is a Puzzle Piece Pen:

Second would have to be the Herringbone Pattern:

Got the Tree Up...

Last night we finished putting the decorations on the tree.  The tree has been up for a couple of days, and the lights have been on the house for almost a week.  My wife and I love this time of year.  We can't get started early enough.  Just a few more decorations to go around the house, then it is time to start filling under the tree.

Though we love to decorate, and enjoy the sights and sounds of the season.  We always keep in the front of our minds the TRUE Reason for the Season....  Christ Jesus, our Saviour was born.  


Materials - Coffee Wood

Coffee Wood
Medium Wood
Color: Golden Tones to Redish Tint
Strength: Strong
Notes: This wood has a grain pattern similar to Oak, but with wider grain pattern.


Coffee Wood Small Square Plate


Holly Jolly Collection...

A Big thanks goes out to Beadles on Artfire.com, for including my Holly Pendant with Lapis Lazuli Inlay, in the Holly Jolly Collection.

This Pendant is made from Holly Wood, and had a crack running across the face of the Pendant.  I Thought that Enhancing this natural feature by Inlaying Lapis Lazuli, would make for a great feature.


New Design Element...

Recently I had a customer approach me about a design element she would like.  This element simulates the look of having a stone setting in the ring.  Similar to an Engagement Ring.  On this ring I made a standard Centered Groove for Inlay, but then made one area that was rounded out to form a bulge.  After inlaying the Stone and finishing, it appears that there is a Stone setting as a focal point. 

This design could be used with contrasting colors, or could possibly be done with a small gemstone or diamond.  I will be playing with this design, to develop it.

Now on to the ring...

It is made from Honduras Rosewood with Crushed Turquoise Inlay and a Simulated Stone setting out of Crushed Turquoise.

Walnut Wood Ring with Abalone Shell Inlay

I just love how this Abalone Shell looks when paired with a Dark Color Wood.  After picking up this Walnut to go with it, I decided to do a more domed shape for the ring.  I am very pleased with the results, and love how the Abalone flashes in the light.

Father Son Project

The other night my 10 year old son was wanting to learn to do some Woodturning.  I asked him what he would like to make.  He decided that he want to make a ring.  So he dug through the pile of new wood, and choose this piece of Lacewood that had some cool grain pattern.  And for an Inlay he choose Lapis Lazuli (Like Mother - Like Son).

The only parts that I helped him with were getting the inner diameter right so that it was sure to fit him, and the final polish.

I am so very proud of him.  He did a great job on this ring, and WILL be helping me out more in the future.

So without further ado, here it is:


3 weeks left to...

Only three weeks left to place your Christmas Order, and have it guaranteed to arrive by Christmas.  As an incintive to order earlier than later, I am going to offer a 25% discount from now until Nov 27th 2010.

To get this offer email me first and mention where you saw this listed.  Payment must be received before Nov 27th 2010 at Midnight CST.

Please checkout my Artfire Site for more examples.

Teak Wood w/ Copper Inlay Wedding Ring Set

This Teak Wood Wedding Ring Set was one of the first sets I made after we moved into our new house.  My wife and I needed an updated set of Rings, and I was wanting to try out a new design idea.

We ended up with the set you see here.  It is Teak Wood with a Copper Wire Inlayed and turned flat to match the contour of the ring.

Materials - Lacewood

Medium Wood
Color: Golden Tones with Iridescent qualities
Strength: Strong and Durable
Notes: Dubbed the most workable wood in the World in the 1800s, Lacewood was originally from Australia. Now it grows in various other regions of the tropics to as far north as L.A. Other names for Lacewood are Silky Oak or Silver Oak. The dust from this wood is an irritant in 20% of the population. Beautiful pinks, reds, and golden tones combine with exceptional iridescent qualities to make this an excellent choice for many projects. Unique grain patterns with beautiful rays set this exotic hardwood apart from other woods.


Lacewood w/ Lapis Lazuli Inlay


Materials - Honduras Rosewood

Honduras Rosewood
Dark Wood
Color: Ranges of Red
Strength: Strong and Durable
Notes: Colors range from light violets to light reds. Honduras Rosewood works well and finishes to a high natural polish. For a period of time, it was considered the only suitable Brazilian Rosewood substitute.


Honduras Rosewood w/ Turquoise Inlay and Setting


Gift Certificates Now Available...

Are you not sure what size or style of ring that special someone might want or need?  I have just added the ability to purchase Gift Certificates.  Our rings usually start out at $50, with hard to find or exotic materials being more. 

Gift Certificates are available in $25 increments, so that you can cover all or just a portion of the cost.  They are not limited to just ring purchases either.  Our GC's can be used for any item in our Store, or any Custom Order.

To purchase a Gift Certificate please visit us at http://madeouttawood.artfire.com/


Materials - Deer Antler

Deer Antler
Color: White to Creamy White, Bone Color
Strength: Very Strong
Notes:  Deer Antler makes a great material for turning.  The strength of the Antler holds up well for pens, keychains, and rings.  The size of the Antler gives it limitations on size however.  

The thicker the Antler, the more pores it will have in the center.  This can give pens a very interesting texture, or place for Inlay.


Deer Antler Keychain w/ Turquoise Inlay
and Chrome Hardware


Custom Order Wedding Set Ready to Ship

I Just recently completed this Matching Wedding Set. 

A couple from Washington State Contacted me to commision a set of rings out of Cherry Wood with Lapis Lazuli Inlay.  Cherry has a Great Significance to her Fiance, and the contrast with Lapis is just amazing.

Custom Order Ring Out the Door

Just getting around to posting this, since my Blog is so new. 

This ring was Custom Ordered as a Christmas Present. 

Completed and shipped by Oct 25, 2010.  The original request came after seeing my Cherry Ring with Lapis Lazuli Inlay.  The customer wanted a light color wood with Lapis Lazuli.  While looking through


Materials - Abalone Shell

Color: Iridescent, Ranges of White, Blue, Pink, Green.
Strength: Flaky
Notes:  Flashes as it catches the light.


Mahogany w/ Abalone Shell

Materials - Padauk Wood

Dark Wood
Color: Deep Red
Strength: Strong and Durable


Padauk Slimline Pen w/ Brass Hardware


The One Ring Prototype...

I just finished this prototype.  I am not completely satisfied with the lettering.  I will need to make some adjustments to the font size and spacing.  I also need to find a way to transfer the Inner Inscription.  Maybe that is why I did not turn invisible when putting it on.

Maple Wood w/ Inscription
This ring is inspired by the One Ring from J.R.R Tolkien's Masterpiece, The Lord of the Rings.

Materials - Crushed Red Pepper Spice

Crushed Red Pepper
Color: Red with White Seeds
Strength: Very Soft,  Does not add Strength to piece.
Notes:  Looks best on lighter wood base


Maple w/ Crushed Red Pepper Inlay

Materials - Orange Calcite Stone

Orange Calcite
Color: Translucent White to Orange
Hardness: 3 on MOHS Scale
Notes:  Good for Inlay. Turns and Sands easy on the lathe.


Cocobolo w/ Orange Calcite Inlay

Materials - Lapis Lazuli Stone

Lapis Lazuli
Color: Ranges from White to Deep Cobalt Blue
Hardness: 5.5 on MOHS Scale
Notes:  Good for Inlay.  Sand on Lathe.


Maple w/ Lapis Lazuli Inlay

Materials - Turquoise Stone

Color: Light Blue
Hardness: 5-6 on MOHS Scale
Notes:  Good for Inlay.  Can be turned and sanded on lathe.


Teak Wood w/ Turquoise Inlay

Materials - Copper

Notes:  Can be hammered or shaped on lathe.  Builds up heat when cutting.  Too much heat during shaping can release the glue.


Teak Wedding Set w/ Copper Inlay

Holly w/ Copper Inlay

Osage Orange w/ Copper Veneer and
Dark Wood Edges

Padauk w/ Copper Inlay