Materials - Aluminum

Color: Silver
Strength: Hard
Notes: Aluminum is very nice to work with.  It can give a range of looks from satin brushed look, to a highly reflective polished look.


Katalox Ring w/ Aluminum Inlay


More Green to go along with Spring...

With all of the flowers popping up and everything turning green, I just couldn't help using this Jade to make another set of rings.  It also helps that Jade is one of my wife's favorite stones.  I decided to pair it with one of my favorite woods, Bethlehem Olive Wood (BOW).

BOW is a wood that is harvested from Olive Trees growing in Bethlehem Israel.  No trees are harmed when harvesting this material.  All the wood that is harvested are from un-productive branches or prunings to make the main tree more productive.

All my items made from BOW will come with a Certificate of Authenticity.

Bethlehem Olive Wood
Centered Crushed Jade Inlay
Standard Width (6mm)
Size US 8


Materials - Hematite

Color: Black
Strength: Medium Hardness
Notes: Hematite is a metal is stone form.  It will take on a high polish.


Lacewood Ring w/ Hematite Inlay


Materials - Jade

Color: Light Green to Dark Green
Strength: Medium Hardness
Notes: Jade is wonderful to work with, and has an amazing range of Greens.

Teak Ring w/ Jade Inlay


Going Green...

Or at least for the Inlay on this ring. 

Recently I had a custom order for a Teak Wooden Ring with Crushed Jade.  I have always loved the look of Jade, but have never had any to use.   I found that Jade can be an expensive material to purchase in rough quanities.

While looking for some Jade to use for this ring, I ran across a store in Columbia Mo called The Bead Gallery.  They are located on Walnut Street in the District.  The Bead Gallery specializes in high quality beads and findings.  The quality and selection is amazing.  And when they say the bead is a certain precious stone, you are getting that stone and not a cheaper stone that has been dyed to look like something else. 

Jade is a very nice stone to work with.  It shapes and polishes nicely.  And the color range of greens makes for some great contrast.  I am looking forward to using this Jade with many other woods.

Now for the ring details:

Teak Wood Ring with Crushed Jade Inlay
Size US 13.5
Standard Width


Spalted Persimmon Wedding Set

Just finished and photographed a new Custom Order Wedding Set.  I made this set by layering Spalted Persimmon between layers of Walnut.  The Spalting gives the Persimmon some very wild black streaks running through the grain. 

Spalted Persimmon with Walnut Edges
I love the look of this wood.  However it is very limited supply.  This Persimmon was taken from a tree removed at my Mom's house. 


Wine Cork Inlay...

As most of your know, I love to find new materials to use for Inlay.  The other day while looking through my supplies, I found some Bottle Stopper Cork.  My mind instantly started working up a way to use it for inlay.

I choose a piece of Claro Walnut Burl.  The dark color of the Walnut contrast well with this base color of the Cork.  After finishing, the Cork, has a stronger surface so that it does not scratch as easy.  It does make the ring very light.

After finishing this ring I thought how it would make a great gift for Wine Lovers.   I know that many wine connoisseurs collect the corks from their favorite wines.  If provided with one of these corks, I could turn it into a custom ring with great meaning for the wearer.

Claro Walnut with Wine Cork Inlay

If you have any ideas that you would like to see me turn into an Inlay, please let me know.