Spalted Persimmon Wedding Set

Just finished and photographed a new Custom Order Wedding Set.  I made this set by layering Spalted Persimmon between layers of Walnut.  The Spalting gives the Persimmon some very wild black streaks running through the grain. 

Spalted Persimmon with Walnut Edges
I love the look of this wood.  However it is very limited supply.  This Persimmon was taken from a tree removed at my Mom's house. 


Wine Cork Inlay...

As most of your know, I love to find new materials to use for Inlay.  The other day while looking through my supplies, I found some Bottle Stopper Cork.  My mind instantly started working up a way to use it for inlay.

I choose a piece of Claro Walnut Burl.  The dark color of the Walnut contrast well with this base color of the Cork.  After finishing, the Cork, has a stronger surface so that it does not scratch as easy.  It does make the ring very light.

After finishing this ring I thought how it would make a great gift for Wine Lovers.   I know that many wine connoisseurs collect the corks from their favorite wines.  If provided with one of these corks, I could turn it into a custom ring with great meaning for the wearer.

Claro Walnut with Wine Cork Inlay

If you have any ideas that you would like to see me turn into an Inlay, please let me know.


Materials - Cork

Color: Light Tan
Strength: Soft
Notes: Cork is very soft, but finishes nicely.  It works nicely as an inlay material, and gives very random paterns with great interest.  This would make a great gift for Wine Lovers.  If you provide me with a cork from your favorite wine, you can keep it close to you at all times.


Claro Walnut Ring w/ Cork Inlay


Now Offering Bulk Orders...

I was digging through some pictures of my turnings, and came across a few large orders that I have completed, in the past. Finding these pictures gave me the idea of offering Bulk Orders for pens and keychains.

If you will allow me to use the wood that I have on hand, and order a minimum qty, then I can offer you a deeply discounted price. This is a great way to offer a unique handcrafted gift, for your office, church, client or other event. My Pens and Key Chains can be customized with your name or logo for an extra fee.

All pieces will be made from Random Hardwoods, and may vary in shape, color, or style. At the current prices I have set, you can choose between 24k Gold or Chrome Plated Slimline Pens or Key Chains.  If you would prefer all Light or Dark woods, I may be able to accomodate the request.

As with all my other custom order items, I would be willing to quote you a discounted bulk order pricing, for a particular wood or style.  Please let me know what you are looking for.

Links to order:


Techie Humor even for the non-Techs...

Though I work with wood my day job is in the IT field.  This is a great video for all those Techie's out there, and will even appeal to the non techies.


Wood Artisan Wedding Fair Collection

My Cherry Wood with Birdseye Maple Wedding set was recently featured in a new Artfire Collection.  Thank you perhapsturquoise


April's Blessings

I have finally gotten my wife to agree to start selling some of our designs.  She has been making Crocheted Animals, Blankets, and Dog Toys, for years.  She also enjoys making Beaded Necklaces and Jewelry.  Most of these have gone to friends and family as presents.  Now she has decided to offer her blessings to the rest of the world.

Please take a look at her site, and let us know what you think.  I am still working on getting pictures and descriptions up, so check back often for new items.  You can also follow her on facebook for more information.

As a teaser, here is one of the Animals she made for our son a few years ago.  His name is Nestor Lochland.