Materials - Aluminum

Color: Silver
Strength: Hard
Notes: Aluminum is very nice to work with.  It can give a range of looks from satin brushed look, to a highly reflective polished look.


Katalox Ring w/ Aluminum Inlay


More Green to go along with Spring...

With all of the flowers popping up and everything turning green, I just couldn't help using this Jade to make another set of rings.  It also helps that Jade is one of my wife's favorite stones.  I decided to pair it with one of my favorite woods, Bethlehem Olive Wood (BOW).

BOW is a wood that is harvested from Olive Trees growing in Bethlehem Israel.  No trees are harmed when harvesting this material.  All the wood that is harvested are from un-productive branches or prunings to make the main tree more productive.

All my items made from BOW will come with a Certificate of Authenticity.

Bethlehem Olive Wood
Centered Crushed Jade Inlay
Standard Width (6mm)
Size US 8


Materials - Hematite

Color: Black
Strength: Medium Hardness
Notes: Hematite is a metal is stone form.  It will take on a high polish.


Lacewood Ring w/ Hematite Inlay