Teak Wood w/ Copper Inlay Wedding Ring Set

This Teak Wood Wedding Ring Set was one of the first sets I made after we moved into our new house.  My wife and I needed an updated set of Rings, and I was wanting to try out a new design idea.

We ended up with the set you see here.  It is Teak Wood with a Copper Wire Inlayed and turned flat to match the contour of the ring.

I love the look of Copper, and plan to work with it more often.  The nice thing about Copper is that you can put a polish on it, and keep it very bright and shinny.  You can also leave it un-finished and let it build up a natural patina.

Ring Specs:
  Size: US 8.5
  Width: Standard Width
  Inlay: Copper Wire, Centered

  Size: US 6.5
  Width: Narrow Width
  Inlay: Copper Wire, Centered

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