Turn back Time....

Today I am reaching back to some earlier turnings that I have done.  Several years ago, I decided to try and make a clock for my wife, while she was out of town.  I had receieved a piece of Walnut Root, that had some beautiful grain pattern.  As a contrasting wood for the number markers, I decided on Bethlehem Olive Wood (BOW).   BOW has an amazing Grain Pattern as well.  It also has a great significance since it is harvested from Olive trees just outside of Jerusalem.

Walnut Root Clock w/ Bethlehem Olive Wood Inlay

The clock I made at that time is approximatly 12" in diameter, and 1" thick.  This clock spurred my imagination, and I have since made other clocks.  They do take more time to make than my rings, but I hope to start working on more designs to build up a stock to sell.

More Examples after the break...

Please let me know what you think of my clocks, and what designs materials you might like to see me use.

Cherry Clock w/ Cocobolo Inserts
 This Cherry Clock was given to my Mother as a present.  Before she hung it up, my nephew saw it laying on the table.  He then asked, "Why would Uncle Derek make you a clock that you couldn't tell time on?"

This Clock is approximatly 12" in diameter and 1" thick.  It has a dished rim, and burned accent groove around the edge.

My most recent clock is made from Spalted River Birch with Lapis Lazuli inlay.  It is only about 5" in diameter, and 1/2" thick.  It is currently listed for sale in my Artfire Studio.

Spalted River Birch Clock w/ Lapis Lazuli Inlay

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