Cocobolo with Powdered Lapis Lazuli

It still amazes me how often this happens. I can have a specific Design idea, but the wood/ring wants to be something different.

This ring started out to be for a customer that wanted a dark wood with Amber Inlay. I got the ring sized, and was ready to start placing the stone. After placing the first couple pieces of stone, I realized that they looked clear. The Amber was so transparent, and the wood underneath was so dark, that you could not see any of the beautiful honey color. I stopped instantly and contacted the customer. We ended up deciding on going with Cherry for a base with the Amber.

So now what to do with this nice Cocobolo Base.
I have started amasing a collection of powdered Lapis Lazuli from all the rings I have been making. Most Lapis I try to use larger pieces to give it the look of the stone, so the powder from crushing just gets added to the pile.

I have to admit that this was far less time consuming than picking out each individual stone, and placing it.  I could just pick up a pinch of powder, fill the gap, and glue it.  The look it gives is very nice, and just adds another design idea to my list.

Please let me know what you think of this ring/design.


  1. Found via PigCastle on Etsy. I just wanted to say your rings are very beautiful. So glad she shared your link :)

  2. That is awesome! Such beautiful craftsmanship ... Wow!